What are the classification of the alarm detector?

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Alarm detectors can be divided according to the principle mainly infrared alarm detector the microwave alarm detectors, passive infrared / microwave alarm detectors, glass break alarm detector, vibration alarm detectors, ultrasonic alarm detectors, laser alarm detectors, magnetic The alarm detector control switch, switch alarm detectors, video motion detection alarm, sound detectors and many other types of.

Active alarm detectors and passive alarm detector alarm detectors can be divided according to work.

The alarm detector point controlled alarm detectors, remote control alarm detector surface control alarm detectors and space detection range can be divided into security alarm detectors.

In addition to the above distinction, there are other ways of division. In practical applications, depending on the usage, the reasonable choice of different types of preventive alarm detector, safety precautions in order to meet different requirements.

Alarm detector the sensing detection devices used to detect the intruder intrusion and various exceptions. Many places that need a security guard in a variety of intelligent buildings and buildings. These places according to the actual situation, the purpose and requirements of a variety of safety precautions. Therefore, we need a variety of alarm detectors, to meet different safety precautions.

According to the actual on-site environmental and security requirements of the user, a reasonable choice, and install the various alarm detector, in order to better reach the purpose of the security guard. When selecting and installing alarm detector inappropriate security vulnerabilities, amounted to less than rigorous security to the intruder exploited by giving the security work to bring undue loss.

Alarm detector requirements dismantled with anti-vandal function. When the alarm detectors to damage human transmission line short-circuit or open circuit, as well as illegal attempts to open the protective cover should be able to generate an alarm signal output; another alarm detectors should also have some anti-jamming measures to prevent all forms of misuse The reported phenomena occur, such as: anti-pet and small animal harassment, anti-false positives due to changes in environmental conditions and the interference.

The alarm detector sensitivity and reliability mutual influence. Reasonable choice of the detection sensitivity of the alarm detectors and the use of different measures of resistance to outside interference, can improve the alarm detector performance. Different anti-jamming measures, to determine the performance of alarm detectors used in different contexts. The performance and characteristics of the various alarm detector, depending on use environment, the rational allocation of different alarm detectors are the key aspects of the anti-theft alarm system.