How to properly select the burglar alarm

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Burglar alarm security market quite a mixed bag, in order to enable customers to avoid misunderstanding, select the genuine quality and cheap alarm prompts as follows:

Whether formal authorized dealer of the manufacturer, generally informal channels are often able to provide a more favorable price, quality of service and high quality products.
2, the product packaging: whether contains production and the name, address, trademarks and Contact? If there is no or missing draw your attention to three free products or fake and shoddy products, because the product packaging must be above the regular manufacturers.
Alarm host, infrared detectors, door whether through the national compulsory 3C certification, 3C certification for security products must pass certification, but also to ensure that the primary factor in the quality of products.
, Alarm host transformer whether built-the national 3C provisions host transformer must be built-in, external never be detected through the national 3C.
5, the alarm siren built? External alarm siren security is relatively low.
6, the alarm host and infrared detectors with anti-tamper and related components? None is self-protection capabilities reported poor easily vandalized.
7, infrared detector with anti-glare? See if this hardware, the device can prevent glare false.
The 8 infrared detectors with its own temperature compensation function? To see if this hardware, the device can prevent false alarms caused by the temperature change.
9, the infrared detector circuit board has a frequency stabilization components? This device can prevent false alarms caused by the magnetic field pulse, the same frequency, high-frequency sound signals.
10, with or without low-power prompts and components? This feature prevents false alarms caused by unstable voltage or low power.
11, with or without the use of micro-power consumption design? Whether it has a power-saving mode and standard mode? This feature can be Director of the battery
12, infrared detectors to provide 9-12V DC input interface, a dual power supply to ensure that the detector can not be intermittent work, reducing replacement battery trouble.
13 infrared detectors use the battery type? Ordinary AAA batteries easy to replace, type multiple choice, massive batteries inconvenient, and less power.