Security systems jargon

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General security terminology
001 security (safety)
The security of life, property, the environment, information.
002 security system (security system)
Work together for the safety of life, property, the environment, information isosceles triangle system.
003 alarm (alarm)
Form prescribed risk of life, property, the environment, information exist, in order to cause concerned about signal or other signal.
004 false alarm (false alarm)
The alarm caused due to non alert intention.
005 operation signal (status signal)
Signal indicating the state of the systems engineering.
006 tamper device (tamper function)
For the purpose of detection of security alarm equipment vandalism function.
007 security equipment
Equipment for the purpose of preventing crime.
008 burglar alarm (security alarm equipment)
For crime prevention manual or automatic alarm device.
009 normal close (normally closed state)
In a state of alert, the system alarm output components contact is "closed" state.
010 normal open (normally open state)
In a state of alert, the system alarm output component contacts "open" state.
011 signal transfer output (alarm output)
Alarm occurs, the alarm controller contact signal output to peripherals or other signals.
012 online alarm system (online alarm system)
With the communication line real-time transmission alarm signal by the security company's centralized monitoring equipment monitoring system.
The 013 sensitivity margin (sensitivity redundant)
Detector installation site environmental degradation, the sensitivity of the detector remains normal control measure state reserve margin.
014 intruder alarm system (intrusion alarm system)
Intruder detection, and can produce an alarm system.
015 guard line (cordon)
Basic cordon cordon and refinement general.
016 alarm response time (alarm response time)
Detector alarm signal received from the alarm controller to the formation of the time of the alarm status.
017 detection response speed (the probe response speed)
Abnormality signal to the time of the alarm signal is output from the detector to detect.
018 detection sensitivity (detection sensitivity)
Description detector probe phenomenon performance indicators of the response capability of the input quantity.
019 detection distance (detection range)
Detector able to detect the abnormal state of the maximum distance.
020 detection zone (detection range)
The detector can detect the maximum range of the abnormal state.
021 alarm failure (leakage alarm)
Not delivered real alarm.
022 beam teception gain (by optical gain)
, Accept the magnification of the optical portion of the optical detector.
023 entry / exit delay time function (entry / exit delay function)
Entry / exit, the defense system to alert the start time or alert lifted time transfer but given the time delay function.
The 024 zone indication (zone indication)
Within the warning area, the status of each detector output is indicated on the alarm controller.
025 local alarm system (closed alarm system) (Local alarm system)
Alarm, such as buildings or facilities, issued only its internal alarm system.
026 not false alarm (true alarm)
Line with the alert intention alarm.
027 not false alarm type1 (a class of real alarm)
Detector triggered the alarm.
028 not false alarm type2 (Type II real alarm)
Due to human operation of the emergency button to trigger the alarm.
029 status signal failure (loss of report)
Not passed status signal.
030 false alarm type1 (a false alarm)
Alarm triggered due to machine failure.
031 false alarm type2 (two types of false alarms)
Due to the poor design, construction and maintenance checks triggered alarm.
032 false alarm type3 (three types of false alarms)
Due to misuse caused alarm.
033 false alarm type4 (four types of false alarms)
Due to the flora and fauna, and natural environment triggered the alarm.
034 false alarm type5 (five categories of false alarms)
Unexplained alarm.
Of 035 burglar signal (security signal)
And safety precautions related signal.
036 status signal (normal signal)
Normal state signal.